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Sustain for iPhone is a project sponsored by Niraj Swami, creator of the Sustain application for the Android platform. It served as a Multidisciplinary Capstone Design project completed at Marquette University in spring 2009 under the advisement of Dr. Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed of the Ubicomp laboratory.


How was Sustain for iPhone developed?

Sustain for iPhone was developed by four students, as part of a complete project that included analysis, documentation, presentation, and organization tasks in addition to software development. Due to the differences in the iPhone and Android platforms, Sustain for iPhone was developed from scratch, and aimed to be a comparable application that offered functionality that paralleled the Sustain for Android product, rather than as a translation or strict port of the Android version.


Sustain was developed on various Mac computers, including an iMac with an Intel 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor and 2GB DDR2 RAM, a Mac Mini with an Intel 2 GHz Core 2 Duo processor and 2 GB DDR2 RAM, and a Macbook, all using XCode with the iPhone 2.2.1 OS Simulator and SDK. Learn about the team here.


What features are available in Sustain for iPhone?

Currently, Sustain for iPhone allows a user to choose a contact, add interests for that contact, automatically retreive relevant stories based on those interests, view a story, and send the story (with a message) to the contact via email.


When will Sustain for iPhone be available?

Hopefully soon. The last remaining issue is that of security. Since the iPhone does not allow direct sending of emails through a user's account, the current application sends emails using a script hosted on a server at Marquette. By inspecting the software's activities, a malicious individual could exploit the connection to send spam through a university server. We wish to avoid this, so the application will not be available in the App Store until we have a secure channel for communication.


What are possible future developments?

In addition to securing the sending of email and releasing the program in the App Store, we would love for another team to continue development of the project and implement more features, such as sharing via SMS, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Project Information

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